Want $6 Million Fake Watches UK For Sale? Time And Tonic Has One For You

JP Hernandez and Miguel Ahumada are the founders of Time and Tonic, a seller of ultra high-end, rare timepieces. To give an idea of what they consider high-end and rare, Time and Tonic currently have a Richard Mille 56-01 in their inventory. Made of Brown sapphire, it’s one of five in the world and currently the only one available for sale on the market. It’s valued at $6 million.

Both men found their passion for exclusive Swiss made replica watches from their families. In fact, “It’s in my blood,” is what Hernandez replies when asked how he found himself in this business. His grandfather started in the Colombian emerald mines at the age of six and eventually founded his own jewelry brand and stores where Hernadez’s father worked. “My father fell in love with timepieces. I followed suit and started to buy and sell high quality fake watches at the age of 15.”

For Ahumada, he too, followed his family’s passion for collecting timepieces which inspired him to make his first purchase, a Rolex “Coke” GMT Master 16710. “It was my prized possession until I sold it. I quickly found out that this was a very lucrative business, and I started buying and selling timepieces as a fun hobby,” says Ahumada.

The goal they have for Time and Tonic is to merge the transactional side of the business with the lifestyle of best replica watches collecting to create a community that celebrates these exclusive and rare timepieces.

“It’s a space for both physically and metaphorically like-minded enthusiasts to gather, learn and trade,” explains Hernandez about the business. “The Swiss movements copy watches industry as it stands today has ample room for disruption. The sector is outdated, old and stuffy. We’re creating a trusted and vetted digital platform and a private members club, both intended to be destinations for enthusiasts and resellers from across the world to connect and trade via a modern experience.”

Part of what they aim to deliver to their consumers is the impossible. The Richard Mille 56-01 was a piece acquired from a collector in Asia through a deep relationship which was built over 5 years. “At first, the collector was reluctant to sell it, but finally due to our relationship he agreed to part ways with it and we’re proud to have it in our inventory,” says Ahumada.

“We do whatever it takes to source the most exclusive timepieces for our clients, thoroughly enjoying the thrill of the hunt and the pleasure in leveraging our knowledge, network and resources to deliver the impossible,” he adds.

Patek Phillipe 598012/R Replica Watches

This cheap super clone watches is made of a rose gold case with rubies in the bezel as well as ruby numerals and is a limited edition of five pieces. It’s a watch that is so rare that many watch collectors are unaware of its existence, which is what makes it so special.

Patek Phillipe Grand Complications 6002R Fake Watches

Made in rose gold with a hand carved design, this is a watch that has a 10-year waiting list and can only be bought through an invitation from perfect Patek Phillipe replica watches. According to the Time and Tonic founders, it is so special because it is a holy grail watch. It has 12 complications, a front and reverse side, and a sky chart with faces and orbit of the moon. It’s worth about $10 Million USD in today’s market.

Replica Patek Phillipe 5712R Watches

While this watch can be worn for every occasion—with shorts, jeans and suits—as it’s both sporty and elegant, it’s gathering demand as there are rumors it will soon be discontinued. The founders explain that it’s important to note Patek Phillippe only produces 50,000 luxury imitation watches a year, compared to the one million that other brands make and they also enjoy strong resale value. Ahumada says, “They are truly special watches and worthy of their tagline, ‘You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely take care of it for the next generation.’”

The Fake Rolex Daytona Watches

This 2022 replica watches started out as a speed watch for racing in Daytona. When it first came out it wasn’t the most desired and was given as a gift when a customer bought a Datejust or Presidential from Rolex. At the time of its creation, its value was $500. It wasn’t until Paul Newman was seen wearing the Rolex fake watches wholesale online that people started to realize the beauty of this timepiece. Today, the Daytona it is one of Rolex’s most prized models and also hardest to acquire. The watch shown here watch sold at auction for $15 million.

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